Someone once told me they didn’t like music that didn’t have vocals, but some tracks are so massive that vocals aren’t essential. One of those truly massive tracks that ditch the vocals is Swedish House Mafia’s new single ‘Greyhound.’

Swedish House Mafia, which is the genius collaboration of superstar DJs/producers, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello, are known for dropping delicious floorfillers and club bangers that you can’t help but to love. Their latest single ‘Greyhound’ is yet another track from SHM (Swedish House Mafia) that will make its way to the dance floors across the globe.

The track is nearly 7 minutes long, but that’s partly due to the intro. The song starts off with a nice rise that gives you a chance to sip on your drink and lay low for a moment. But when the 1:27 market hits, the beat takes a massive drop. Put down your drink, let loose, and let the pulsating beats of ‘Greyhound’ take over your body.

One of my favorite things about Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Greyhound’ are the squeaky electro beats infused with the hardcore bass line that is reminiscent of a dirty electro track. But the song maintains that club banger element thanks to the infusion of a trance like synth and a piano around the 2:49 marker that will surely tease the house lovers.

Whenever Swedish House Mafia drops a track, you know it’s going to big, and they surely didn’t disappoint us with ‘Greyhound.’ It’s a track that is massive on all levels; imagine how tedious the production process is. One of the best things about ‘Greyhound’ is truly, the production. The guys of SHM knew exactly what moments to bring in a beat, change the melody, and then tease listeners with a trance like rise, then followed by yet another massive drop.

I’d be shocked if ‘Greyhound’ didn’t become yet another chart topper for Swedish House Mafia. It’s truly a track that is massive beyond words. And lets not even forget to mention how amazing the music video is. All I can say is, robotic greyhound racing is epic!

All around, ‘Greyhound’ is massive and it has an even more massive video to match. The guys of Swedish House Mafia truly know how to create ultimate club bangers.