I’ve never had the chance to experience the EDM scene in Miami, so I figured the next best thing would be experiencing the vibe in theatres. So when I found out that Final Kid’s film Can U Feel It: The UMF Experience was going to be shown in a theatre near me, I made sure to buy two tickets on Fandago.

I purchased my tickets, immersed myself in a lot of EDM for about a week, and then I finally trekked down to the bus stop, awaiting the ride that would transport to me the theatre for what I hoped would be an excellent premiere.

And I was right; the movie was an excellent premiere. The film, directed by Final Kid, focused on the 2011 Ultra Music Festival in Miami. I had expected the film was going to immediately go straight into the main focus, the festival, but instead the film started off with the live red carpet premiere of the film-taking place in Miami. It wasn’t the typical red carpet, but more along the lines of a bunch of DJs, girls in what appeared to be some type of flight attendant outfits, and then of course, a bunch of EDM blasting in a stage off in the distance.

I was kind of getting bored with the opening of the film, so I just wanted them to hurry up and just actually premiere Can U Feel It: The UMF Experience. But after about – hmm – I’d say 30 minutes, the “real” film finally started. And since it’s Miami, you know the film had to begin by showing the beauty of what a typical day in Miami looks like, beautiful women in bikinis relaxing on the beach, people riding bikes, and hot girls driving in fast cars listening to EDM. Oh, did I mention hot girls? Yeah, the film focused on that a lot, and after awhile it was just cheesy. Dude, we want EDM, not girls that have hot bodies but faces that definitely could use some tlc.

Once you can get pass all the “eye candy,” then you get the chance to enjoy some really good EDM from the likes of Boys Noize, Fedde Le Grand, Tiesto, Laidback Luke, Avicii, David Guetta, Carl Cox, and so many other superstars of EDM. The film gave the audience a chance to even see Carl Cox a few days before the festival, and see his vision of a mega EDM structure come to life. I’m always fascinated by venues and what makes the perfect location hold thousands of people, as well as perfect the sound quality to truly experience the sounds of EDM.

So seeing the legendary Carl Cox talk about house music, dance, and other genres within EDM was fascinating, but one of the most compelling interviews in my opinion was hearing David Guetta talk about why he works with so many pop artists. For the longest time I have always said that David Guetta is just “pimping” himself out, and it seems every time I turn around he is letting someone rap on a track. But in the film he explained how he worked with Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas, as well as why house music is so popular now within the US.

One of the things that caught my attention was the fact that David Guetta, as well as many of the other DJs, mentioned that EDM was at first popular in America, it began here. But then it made it’s way over to Europe, and now all of a sudden more pop artists and the current generation are hearing these new sounds (which aren’t really new,) and they can’t seem to get enough. So now EDM is just becoming this mainstream culture in the United States, but over in Europe it’s normal to hear EDM tracks on all the radio stations.

The film gave some great insight on the popularity of EDM, as well as how amazing going to Ultra Music Festival must be. Yet, it’s still kind of hard to truly experience it just by sitting in a theatre. They didn’t have time to play everyone’s sets, so they would tease us with a taste, then shift focusing by fading out with this cheesy slow motion. I swear, I was going to sick of the slow motion shots, especially girls with obviously fake boobs getting slow motion screen shots. It just kind of makes it seems like only the DJs can be male, and the women just have to look hot and enjoy the music.

Even though certain aspects of the film bothered me, I really did enjoy one part in the film where Carl Cox was doing his thing on the decks, and in the crowd everyone lifted up this young man in a wheel chair. It was such a beautiful shot, and it reminded me that at the end of the day, EDM is all about spreading the love of the music.

No matter if sometimes it can seem so sexually driven or male dominated, at least people can still come together for the love of good EDM. And Can U Feel It: The UMF Experience was a film that even though some parts were cheesy or just irrelevant, it still reminded me how massive EDM is in our society. It’s truly a way of life…