Celebrities in Miami nightclubs are like kids in a daycare. You know they are there and don’t think much about it. Now the attention is back on what matters, the music. Clubs drool over names like Avicii, Afrojack and David Guetta. DJs have become the new celebrities in town and that means more music for the fans.

Miami has evolved from its 80’s vice and 90’s crimes to a tourist mecca. Legendary clubs like Amnesia have reopened with Ibiza-like qualities. Frank Sinatra’s old stomping ground at the luxurious Fountain Bleau is home to LIV nightclub, and the ever popular Mansion nightclub received a multimillion dollar makeover. These three places are landmark electronic music venues and a must when you visit. Not far away is South Beach, Miami’s nightclub-addicted younger brother with expensive taste. It’s all about image when you cross the bridge and enter the glamorous lifestyle. Symbols of money and status are flashed everywhere you look. You can instantly spot the tourists visiting by their giant cameras and displaced look. Locals walk quickly, dress to impress, and know where to party. To get in the loop, talk to a promoter that will surely tell you where to go for the night and offer you special access. They can be found at the beach (building their list) or near the clubs toward the start of the night.

You must prepare to go out because every night is an event. The world famous Nikki Beach offers dinner, and later in the night opens its doors to their club. You can easily spend an entire Sunday in their cabanas, have a couple drinks, watch a talented performer, and head upstairs to hear the DJ play tunes appropriate for the EDM-infused Miami scene. It’s the perfect mix to end or start a weekend of sand, sun and fun.

Pool parties are all the buzz for the resort-style hotels. Shore Club is one of those places that capitalized on its trendy vibe. They host at least one event a weekend where the top DJs in the city often play. There is no comparison to a daybed and drink by the pool accompanied by live mixing of your favorite tracks.

Miami seems to have limitless entertainment for EDM fans as it’s the core market clubs try to target. A visit here will be envied in the month of March where the population sky rockets for the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival. If you are reading this article you probably know what happens here. The world of EDM all comes together to promote the industry and turn the city into studio heaven. The only way to guarantee a piece of the action is to book early. Ultra Music Festival sells out in less than a week of their ticket release. Hotel prices climb as vacancy quickly vanishes and airline prices easily double. What adds to the hype is the energy and excitement from all the spring-breakers who come to live an experience only Miami can offer. This city has rightfully claimed the social scene for the electronic dance music industry and will make memories that dreams are made of. Don’t be the only one of your friends not to be part of it all and make this trip happen. See for yourself why all DJ’s make Miami their second home and EDM flourishes in the city.