KRK ROKIT 8 G3 Review: New Level of Clarity in Generation 3

KRK continues to take its ROKIT line of active studio monitors up a notch with Generation 3, or simply G3. Crossfadr reviewed the G2 in June 2012, finding this then-boundary-pushing line a high-quality product for the price. Ideal for DJing and studio work, the ROKIT 8 G3 retains the same [...]

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Review: Pioneer S-DJ05 DJ Active Reference Speakers

The Pioneer S-DJ05 DJ Active Reference Speakers has probably ended our search for the perfect pair of monitors for the Crossfadr Lab. Pioneer calls them “Reference Speakers” but we think these babies blow most 5” monitors presently on the market away. Let’s take a closer look at the Pioneer S-DJ05 [...]

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