The Pioneer S-DJ05 DJ Active Reference Speakers has probably ended our search for the perfect pair of monitors for the Crossfadr Lab. Pioneer calls them “Reference Speakers” but we think these babies blow most 5” monitors presently on the market away. Let’s take a closer look at the Pioneer S-DJ05 DJ Active Reference Speakers.

At first glance, the Pioneer S-DJ05 DJ Active Reference Speakers look amazing. Weighing in just under 30 lbs (29.54 lbs/pair), the S-DJ05 packs a pleasantly surprising punch and is a welcoming addition to any DJ and/or Recording Studio setup. Audio quality is enhanced due to its curved waveguide enclosure that directs the soft-dome tweeter’s sound in a wider pattern for better imaging and staging, basically expanding and enhancing the higher frequencies across a larger room area. The Bass Reflex enclosure does the same thing by extending the lower frequencies, providing better mid & bass output. These are bi-amp 2-way powered speakers, with a high-force magnet, which provides better control of the subwoofers. There’s also a built-in linear equalizer, although I couldn’t really tell the difference when turned on or off. I prefer the EQ off, while utilizing the 3-band EQ on the DJ mixer. I felt I had better control of the EQ this way.

One of the coolest features are the four input types, balanced XLR & TRS and unbalanced 2 RCA’s. I was able to connect the S-DJ05 to my DJ mixer using 2 TRS and my iPad using one of the available RCA inputs. It also boast an Auto Standby feature, which detects any other input signal and places the S-DJ05 in standby mode when it can’t detect an input. You can even connect the S-DJ05 to any speaker stand using the 2 bottom screw holes.

The second coolest and most functional feature is the Control Accessory Surface. No need fumbling in the back of the S-DJ05 to switch input types or control volume & EQ. The Control Accessory Surface gives users the ability to switch input types, control volume and on/off. You can also control EQ and Mute using the huge and comfortable control knob.

Overall, the S-DJ05 Active Reference Speakers are well built, like most Pioneer DJ products, and are a great value costing $499.99 USD. The sound quality is balance and the features are excellent. However, if you need bigger sound, tryout the Pioneer S-DJ08 model.


  • Type – Bi-amp 2-way powered speakers
  • Tweeter – 2.5 cm soft dome tweeter
  • Woofer – 5 inches
  • Frequency characteristics – 50 Hz to 25 kHz (-10dB)
  • Dynamic.power.(HF/LF) – 30.W/50.W.
  • Crossover.frequency – 3.0.kHz
  • Power.consumption – 45.W
  • Input terminals
  • Balanced input – XLR x 1, TRS (1/4 inch PHONE) x 1
  • Unbalanced input – RCA x 2
  • Maximum external dimensions (W x H x D) – 7.28″ x 11.85″ x 10.16″ (including heat sink)
  • Weight (for pair) – 29.54 lbs.
  • Accessories – controller x 1, link cable x 1, power cables x 2, rubber feet x 8