Komplete Kontrol S-Series: Quality Feel, Excellent NI Software Integration

Announced in September 2014, the Komplete Kontrol S-Series, a line of three MIDI controllers, essentially supersedes Native Instruments’ flawed Kore line with an entirely new set of features and functionality. Three sizes – S25 for a 25-key keyboard, S49 for 49 keys, and S61 for 61 keys, all with a [...]

Fostex PM0.3 and PM-SUBMini: Best Speaker and Subwoofer Pair for Your Money and Space

Not everyone has an expansive amount of studio space for recording and listening to their productions afterward. As well, not everyone has a huge budget to spend on gear or an endless amount of help to take supplies to a gig. But even when these factors appear to limit what [...]

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Akai iMPC Pro – Akai’s Flagship Mobile Production Suite

Last year, we reported on Akai’s iMPC mobile application for iPad, an innovative beat-generation platform that combined the usability of the iconic MPC series with the portability of a tablet. The result was a superior sketchpad for musical ideas, and SoundCloud integration made rapid content generation easier than ever. The [...]

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