9 Tips for Mastering Your Own Mixes

One of the first rules of music production has been to never to master your own mixes. But some rules are meant to be broken: Learn how to polish off your finished mixes without losing your perspective. The common wisdom of the pro audio world has always been that you [...]

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Bitwig Joins the Bigwigs – A Review of Bitwig Studio

If, despite the massive amount of hype and press leading up to its launch, you haven’t heard of Bitwig Studio, you really don’t know what you’re missing. While most major DAWs have been around for years (and have consequentially benefitted from years of user feedback and refinement), it isn’t often [...]

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MPK Reloaded – A Review of the Akai MPK 261 Keyboard

For many years, the Akai MPK series of keyboards has been one of the most well-known and trusted options for affordable, quality MIDI controllers to help studio musicians unlock the full potential of their virtual instruments and production software. The MPK 225, 249, and 261 are three new offerings for [...]

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Trigger Happy – A Review of the M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro

When I saw the M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro at this year's NAMM Show, its stunning good looks made quite an impression, but I had no real idea about its underlying functionality. It has RGB LED pads, a slick silvered look with blue lighted accents, and a large LCD screen - [...]

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GeekDesk Review: The Right Posture for a Producer

As a professional producer, or even an amateur one, how many hours per day do you sit at a desk? Out of that time, how often are your hands angled awkwardly at a keyboard, your back hunched, or your neck strained to reach the right angle? It’s no secret that [...]

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Is All Of This Equipment Necessary?

One of the most frequently asked questions among new producers and DJs or veterans just looking to upgrade their gear is “should I get *fill in the blank* and why?” The problem is, it seems like there is always something else to get – a new model of something, a [...]

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