EDM in 2013: The Best and The Worst

What happens when something that rises gets to a peak? It can either go down or stay at a plateau. That sums up 2013 for electronic dance music – some trends went forward, some backwards, some business deals that once looked auspicious went sour, and European crossover festivals that seemed [...]

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Major Lazer, Are You Insane?: Why “Teaching Kids to Take Drugs” is Wrong for EDM and Everyone Else

How soon after a highly-publicized death should artists – or anyone, for that matter – start spouting off a bunch of nonsense about everything that’s wrong with Americans’ attitudes toward drugs? When you’re a high-profile artist, you ought to wait – at least a few months. Although considered a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of September 28

This past week featured announcements of multiple festivals and tours, from Richie Hawtin’s CNTRL to Jesse Saunders’ Pure House Music Festival, along with new releases. In addition to that, Skrillex was thought to be dead, but this internet hoax shows that, once again, you can’t trust everything you read online. [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of August 31

As August ends, new music festivals are scheduled for Labor Day weekend, artists are dropping new releases and videos, and Tiesto, with SiriusXM, opened up a competition to aspiring radio hosts. Multiple new releases, both singles and videos, came out over the past week. On the trance side of things, [...]

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