Who’s Actually Making Money from EDM?

You know how, when you see one of those get rich quick schemes on late night television, the back pages of your local alternative weekly, or on Craigslist, the promises of unlimited income always seem too easy and too good to be true? That could be what EDM is starting [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of February 8

Hot Sauce EP on Mad Decent. Additionally on Mad Decent was a preview of new music to come: Diplo and Switch’s “Keep It Gully.” Expected to hit Beatport on February 18 is “Hit It!”, a collaboration from three Miami DJs GTA, Henrix, and Digital LAB. The track debuted over the [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of January 25

If you thought that the perception of electronic music’s fans couldn’t get any worse, think again. One of the news highlights this week comes from a scientific study claiming EDM, along with rock and hip-hop, is a factor in juvenile delinquency. Multiple releases came out or were announced this week, [...]

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Live Nation Acquires Hard Events: What’s Next for the Future of EDM?

While the original sounds have been kept intact, electronic dance music has come a long way from its origins. Yet, is the genre becoming too mainstream? There’s David Guetta creating radio-friendly house music that essentially subverts beats for vocals, and music festivals, globally, continue to grow, expanding to multiple days [...]

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