VMS4 – American Audio’s Beatmixing Behemoth

If there is one unit on the current DJ mixer/controller market that deserves the designation “all-in-one,” it would be the American Audio VMS4. Packing a full-fledged 4-channel mixer, MIDI controls for software transport and effects, and a flexible and powerful ASIO sound card all into one extremely sturdy and satisfyingly [...]

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Numark’s Sexy NS6

Competition among DJ controllers is really hotting up lately. From the cheap and highly portable, like Vestax’s Spin to Allen & Heath’s monstrous Xone:DX, every manufacturer even remotely engaged in DJ tech seems to have an offering for us these days. It’s a fast-moving scene, too, so despite the sheer [...]

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Native Instruments Maschine – Reader Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a full blown production console at your fingertips, while also accessing the speed and storage capacity of your PC or laptop? Enter: Native Instruments Maschine. Native Instruments unveiled their revolutionary Maschine console hoping to take the industry by storm. [...]

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DJ Tech X10 Review

You don't see many 2 channel DJ mixers on the market nowadays. With all the controllers for DVS software's, there isn't a real market for them. However, DJ Tech is on a different page, and the release of the DJ Tech X10 proves that the marriage between analog and digital [...]

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Introducing Twitch The Touchstrip DJ Controller

Twitch has been developed in collaboration with Serato to be a DJ controller with a difference. It comes with Serato ITCH, DJ software that can automatically beat-match tracks to let you get creative with your DJ sets, and it has unique Touchstrip controls that enable you to do amazing things [...]

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Review – Red Bull BPM HD

Marketing powerhouse Red Bull’s early forays into the iDevice app markets have been centered around their high profile sporting sponsorships – F1 racing, breakdancing, motocross. Now, they leverage their Music Academy with a suite of DJ apps for iPhone and iPad. Hyped as nothing less than professional tools, they include [...]

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