2014's Biggest EDM Trends – and Where They'll Go in 2015

It’s a notion that started expanding the mainstream pool of sounds in 2013 and continued through this year. Now we’ve got Tiesto and MoTi trying to create an acid house track, and deep house-lite producers scoring No. 1s on the Beatport Top 10. Yet even with this spirit of experimentation, [...]

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2014’s Mainstream EDM to Indie Trend: Who Did It Well?

Some say hardstyle was 2014’s biggest dance music trend, while others claim, at least for EDM, it was the year of Melbourne Bounce. But neither holds a candle to another pattern: mainstream producers claiming to go “underground” or “indie.” These two terms aren’t interchangeable, of course. “Underground” implies exclusiveness into [...]

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Hardstyle: EDM’s Next “It” Subgenre

As EDM becomes more of a fixture in the American musical landscape, one subgenre ascends to novelty status each year. Often, the sounds lasted close to a decade in some other context. Dubstep became 2012’s “it” attraction, while a year later, fickle fans turned toward trap – a style originating [...]

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