2014's Biggest EDM Trends – and Where They'll Go in 2015

It’s a notion that started expanding the mainstream pool of sounds in 2013 and continued through this year. Now we’ve got Tiesto and MoTi trying to create an acid house track, and deep house-lite producers scoring No. 1s on the Beatport Top 10. Yet even with this spirit of experimentation, [...]

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2014’s Mainstream EDM to Indie Trend: Who Did It Well?

Some say hardstyle was 2014’s biggest dance music trend, while others claim, at least for EDM, it was the year of Melbourne Bounce. But neither holds a candle to another pattern: mainstream producers claiming to go “underground” or “indie.” These two terms aren’t interchangeable, of course. “Underground” implies exclusiveness into [...]

My Totally Obscure Dub-Glitch-Tech-Bahton is Better Than Your [Insert Mainstream Subgenre]: Elitism in EDM

We’ve all been on both ends of music elitism – and not just in the electronic dance music community. For those of us interested in electronic music and have been at least a casual fan, there likely has been at least one instance in which you likely witnessed someone tell [...]

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More Than The Lowest Common Denominator: Making Electronic Dance Music Seem Less “Dumb”

It’s easy to dismiss James Murphy, formerly of LCD Soundsystem and now a solo act, producer, and DJ, as a hipster who never grew up. But despite ties to Brooklyn and producing Arcade Fire’s latest album, Murphy has some cogent observations about dance music and DJing that all performers – [...]

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