Go West, Young Man: TouchOSC & DJ Manifest Destiny

I've cycled through every locker room halftime speech I could think of in trying to give this review the aura it deserves, but in the end nothing seemed to fit quite right. Sure, I want to motivate. Sure I want you to take your practice more seriously. So why, then, [...]

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iDJ App by Numark Review

iDJ App by Numark, brings a new twist to the notion that anyone with a zest for music and an IPad can rock a party. While other all-in-one DJ applications aspire to simplify beat matching, effects processing, and recording, iDJ attempts to give the user a crockpot approach to cooking [...]

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Touch DJ Evolution Review

Touch DJ Evolution by Amidio for iPad boasts an ability to provide a seamless platform for visual mixing.  The application’s design prioritizes performance over any likeness to an analog DJ setup.  This is particularly apparent when it comes to pre-cueing.  While other all-in-one DJ applications attempt to handle pre-cueing through [...]

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DJ iFad Hits the Club Scene!

I know what you want me to say. You want me to tell you that you can FINALLY write off that iPad you bought yourself last Christmas as a business expense. You want me to tell you that this wildly radical new app has hit the market, that it's going [...]

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DJ World Studio iPad App Review

DJ World Studio by Little Worlds Studio provides an all-in-one DJ interface that resemblance to the controls of Pioneer’s CDJ class of turntables. The app has a comprehensive line of features that set it apart from its competitors. Several effects, loop settings, and an EQ on the face of the [...]

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Stanton Magnetics – Visionary or Mixed Up?

Stanton holds a strange place in the DJ world. They’ve been around for more than 60 years and have vacillated between breaking open new markets as genuine innovators, and, sometimes, missing the point entirely. They’re top-notch manufacturers, though, and even their more derivative offerings, like the ST series of turntables, [...]

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DJay iPad App Review

With a flurry of IPad applications emerging as controllers to existing DAWs, DJay by Algoriddim attempts to provide its users with a self-contained DJ setup. Though this app touts that it can give everyone the opportunity to be a DJ, there are some features that can be useful to experienced [...]

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On The Menu: Avid's Tasty Torq Chop Special

"They've certainly stepped up their game," said me to myself when I started to pick through Avid's recently released Torq 2.0 software. If you've worked with Torq 1.5, well, you've probably already made the switch, but for those of you who haven't, it's a no-brainer. That's not to say those [...]

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iXiMix LiveRemote Review

The awkwardly named iXiMix is a UK based development team specializing in iOS control interfaces for your favorite music software. At the time of writing, they’ve released touch controllers for Traktor, Access Virus and, of course, Ableton. This last one pits them against some increasingly stiff competition, but if there’s one [...]

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