Denon Aims High With MC6000MK2

Denon introduced its DJ MC6000MK2 controller/digital mixer as a successor to the MK1. While it’s being advertised as being fully integrated with Serato, it enters with a slim yet solid steel design, plenty of features (you might even say too many, given its size), and multiple upgrades. To start, Denon [...]

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Vinyl, CDs, or Digital: What Does a DJ Use?

It’s a mantra, it’s a meme: Real DJs play vinyl. Or, do they? Vinyl has classic technique, a warm tone, and nostalgia associated with it. Digital files, in recent memory, are associated with pressing the space bar and poorer-quality sound. Yet, established professionals – Paul Van Dyk and Sasha are [...]

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The State of the Digital DJ – Part 1

  The “Digital DJ,” a new age term that has been used to describe this ever-growing group of disc jockeys who rely solely on their computers to entertain crowds. (*Note: the “Digital DJ” is presumably one that performs mostly in club venues that provide their own sound and other necessary [...]

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