Denon Aims High With MC6000MK2

Denon introduced its DJ MC6000MK2 controller/digital mixer as a successor to the MK1. While it’s being advertised as being fully integrated with Serato, it enters with a slim yet solid steel design, plenty of features (you might even say too many, given its size), and multiple upgrades. To start, Denon [...]

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GeekDesk Review: The Right Posture for a Producer

As a professional producer, or even an amateur one, how many hours per day do you sit at a desk? Out of that time, how often are your hands angled awkwardly at a keyboard, your back hunched, or your neck strained to reach the right angle? It’s no secret that [...]

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Vinyl, CDs, or Digital: What Does a DJ Use?

It’s a mantra, it’s a meme: Real DJs play vinyl. Or, do they? Vinyl has classic technique, a warm tone, and nostalgia associated with it. Digital files, in recent memory, are associated with pressing the space bar and poorer-quality sound. Yet, established professionals – Paul Van Dyk and Sasha are [...]

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The State of the Digital DJ – Part 1

  The “Digital DJ,” a new age term that has been used to describe this ever-growing group of disc jockeys who rely solely on their computers to entertain crowds. (*Note: the “Digital DJ” is presumably one that performs mostly in club venues that provide their own sound and other necessary [...]

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Review – Pioneer DDJ T1 Controller

Pioneer's Pro DJ line has built a solid reputation on well-designed, high quality equipment, and in particular its CDJ line has earned its place in that most worn of marketing catchphrases, the Industry Standard. For years they've been the choice of many of the world's biggest clubs and, it follows, [...]

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