Why Have Warehouse Parties Gotten So Gimmicky?

The warehouse party is dead – long live the “warehouse party.” A cornerstone of dance music history, a warehouse party has come to be defined as any illegal event – no permit or license – held inside a former industrial location. In some cases, the definition has been stretched to [...]

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Blend at Machine: Unpretentious Underground Dance Music in Boston

When you look at the decades of music coming out of the city of Boston, across multiple genres, it’s not particularly impressive. Rock’s relegated to group Boston or the Dropkick Murphys. Hip-hop’s face is Marky Mark, who won’t even talk about his brief rapping career, or one-hit-wonder House of Pain. [...]

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Crossfadr Interviews Belgian Techno Duo Cactus Twisters

Blending house and techno elements, Belgian duo Cactus Twisters garnered a bit of attention recently with the Temporada EP. The title track seamlessly transcends subgenre boundaries, adding a bit of a deep house groove to a minimalist techno foundation. Over the course of their career, members Jey and Ka have [...]

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The Right Way to Enjoy to Dance Music?

“It can’t be a concert setting – it seems too much like rock music. And at a club? Make sure it’s one without bottle service, so you know it’s a ‘real’ venue. And the DJ isn’t supposed to be visible. In fact, you don’t even want to know who the [...]

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On the Cusp of a Comeback: A Return for Freestyle Music

Out of the quintessential electronic dance subgenres to emerge from the 1980s, house and techno frequently make it to the top of the list. Then, synthpop and electro, considering their limited staying power, follow. But an oft-forgotten sound that was equally prominent during the time, especially in American urban areas, [...]

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