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Pause Rewind EP: A Simple Sadness

Like many other artists in the EDM world, bassDrumsnareDrum didn’t start out making electronic music. He started out studying Music at Southampton University, then proceeded to tour the northwest of Europe as a drummer for a pop group. He spent many years working under Warner Music, and even composed mash-ups [...]

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Kisses EP: Up Close and a Little Too Personal

French EDM artists Clement Aichelbaum, Damien Vandesande, and Jonathan Illel, better known as “dOP,” have been making music with one another for over a decade. Before they were the Deep House artists they are today, the three experimented in genres such as rock and roll, reggae, and blues, and around [...]

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The Killer: Beside Us in the Chaos

It will be difficult for me to write a review for Shed’s newest release, “The Killer.” Not because the album is too long, or redundant, or even downright boring. In fact, quite the opposite is the case. There’s just so much to say about it that I’m afraid the review [...]

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Intensity for Intensity’s Sake

Charly, Thomas, Pho, and Pitchin makeup the French electronic group “Dirtyphonics.” Since 2006, the group has been releasing chart-topping music including a slew of 12” releases including, “French Fuck,” “Quarks,” and, “The Secret.” In addition, the band has gone on a world tour, which took over four months to complete [...]

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Alexander Robotnick: Trance without Euphoria

Alexander Robotnick has a long, unique musical history. Starting out in the late 80’s, the artist composed soundtracks for theater, film, and fashion shows, and, in 1983, he released the groundbreaking electro album, “Problèmes D'Amour.” In the late 80’s, the artist went through a profound style change, founding world music [...]

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HOAXX: Too Good to Engage

HOAXX, an electronic music duo comprised of Johnny Pathan and James Taratt, have had a brief but colorful history. The group formed in mid-2009 in South London, UK with the initial intention of re-creating dance mixes of Indie Rock music popular in London at the time. Thus, their first EP, [...]

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Shenoda: The Space Between Dream and Nightmare

Heading the new wave of British underground EDM is DJ and Producer Shenoda. Since his release of “Shots” EP in 2011, the artist is listed as a major artist on Hypercolour and Fear of Flying. His music has been recognized and remixed by artists such as Konrad Black, Mosca, and [...]

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Paradise Lost: A lesson in Ambience

British EDM artist, Toby Tobias, is no stranger to the EDM world. Since the early 2000’s, he has produced music on labels such as Odori, Hi-phen, and Rekids. He also has done remixes for labels such as Beat Freeze Records and Dialect Recordings. Finally, the artist DJ’s his own radio [...]

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NAPT Explores Humor and Intensity in “Tom Toms”

Since their first release in 2003, British EDM artists Ashely Pope and Tomek Naden, otherwise known as NAPT, have been releasing their unique brand of music  (known as “N-funk”) into the EDM world. Their career has yielded a plethora of awards including one from Beatport.com for their remix of Slyde’s [...]

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“Wild Animals”: An Exercise in Borrowing or Stealing?

Nachtglanz Recordings, an independent electronic record label based out of Schacht-Audorf, Germany, has been producing music since early 2011. The label specializes in House Music, Techno, and Electronica, and they’ve released albums by artists such as Ariane Blank, Head of Shoes, Bags and Boys, and Stoneman. One of the labels [...]

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