Italian DJ/producer Stefano Kosa emerged four years ago and has since turned into one of Italy’s top underground performers. While DJing since 2003, Kosa put out his first official release, a single called “Again,” on Diva Records in 2011 and received support from Richie Hawtin not long after.

Having a track become successful in clubs across the globe transformed Kosa’s career. He since went onto perform at Pacha Ibiza, and now DJs in well-known spots in Europe and the Americas.

With releases under his belt on Kd Music, Lapsus, Night Light, Elrow music, Deeperfect, and Transit, Kosa put out an EP on March 17th. With a deep tech sound, the Take Me EP includes the title track, “Back,” and “Lost.”

As Kosa prepares to follow this release up with more music, Crossfadr caught up with him in an interview.

What was your approach when creating the Take Me EP?

I had in mind for some time to propose an EP for Justin James’ label, Refused. After last summer, after my tour in Central and South America, my gigs in Italy and Europe, I felt a need to make new music, I wanted to try with new grooves, new melodies, and thought Refused. could be the best label for this project. I’ve always done tech-house; it was time for to offer something different, a sound more serious…and so was born Take Me EP.

Why did you select these three tracks for the EP?

I chose these three tracks because I really liked the idea of combining three different projects. For the first time, I was able to propose an EP with only “original mix” and with three different tracks together. “Take Me,” “Back,” and “Lost” were born as individual tracks, so I thought it might be perfect together. With an EP, I could vary from sounds more techno (“Lost”) to groove more tech, as “Take Me” and “Back.”

Since this EP came out early in March, it looks like you’ve already released a few tracks after. What are your plans to follow up the EP?

Yes, after the release on Refused. are two tracks coming out – one on Toolroom, “The Cave,” and one on Elrow music, “My Mind.” The EP on Refused. was a starting point for me and the music that I want to propose during this year. In May, I will be released my first vinyl on Uno. Label, along with other major producers such as Alex Costa, Matt Sassari, and Paride Saraceni. In June, I’ll release on Elrow music for Sonar 2015 with one of my favorite tracks, “Stefano Kosa – Party mood.” And finally, I’ve a remix for George Privatti. I also have ready a new EP with four tracks, all techno, but it’s very early to talk about this. I’m already thinking about plans for next winter. I hope, of course, to come back soon on Refused.

How would you describe your sound?

I like to make music that you can dance to. I did trance, house, and techno tracks. I do not want to focus on just one style. I like the groove and the rhythm. When I make a track, I always imagine so many people dancing. One word to describe my sound? HAPPY!

You’ve been putting out music fairly regularly since 2011. How would you say your sound has evolved over the past four years?

Yes, from 2011, I have not stopped. I made so many releases on many labels, but in two years, I changed my way of working. I prefer to focus on a project and do a few things but good. I learned a lot from my travels, I discovered new places, new clubs, and new sounds. I believe that this change can be felt in my tracks. Before I was doing music without thinking; now I want to always try to impress.

How did you get started as a DJ and producer?

I’m a DJ from many years, since 2003. I started following my dad during his gigs in Italy and Ibiza. After 8 years, I realized that DJing was not enough; I had to do something new, something that I differed from the others. In 2009, I started to study the software to create music. For two years, I stopped with the gigs, and I only worked in the studio. In 2011, I released my first record, and since then, so many things have changed for me as a DJ. In 2009 ,I was playing in small unknown clubs until 2011. Thanks to my productions, I started playing in clubs such as Pacha Ibiza, Pacha Sharm El-Sheikh, and in others around the world. Making tracks, for me, was the most important step of my life.

How has it felt to get support from Richie Hawtin?

It has always been an amazing thing for me, right from the start. Richie supported me since my first track, called “I’m Free,” released four years ago. Since then, he has regularly played my tracks or my remix in his DJ sets. For me, it’s always a thrill to see that my work is appreciated by my favorite DJ. I always made my music with such passion. I never imagined one of my tracks being played by Richie Hawtin. I’m very, very proud of it.

How would you describe Italy’s underground dance music community?

The truth? There’s a beautiful reality, but very few of those who believe in the young DJs. It is very difficult to have a chance to emerge and for a DJ/producer; it’s much easier to be appreciated outside of your country. For example, I play much more abroad. I hope that things can change, but, unfortunately, in Italy, it’s so in every sector, not only in music. We have very good people, very good clubs, and very nice events, but I want to say, we also have super good NEW DJs!

Out of all the places you’ve performed, what has been your favorite?

In the last two years, I have played in many clubs and countries – I don’t know if there is a favorite. I have so many good memories from all. I was very surprised at the Pacha Sharm El-Sheihk of the people and the beautiful club. I remember with great pleasure the people and parties in Costa Rica, Panama, and Venezuela. For every experience, I held the most beautiful memories. Perhaps, the most beautiful and important place was Pacha Ibiza, because from there, I started playing around Europe and the world. I remember every night, and I remember the people. Whenever I’m flying to a gig, it’s always the same emotions.

Where would you like to see your career go?

When I started in 2003, I thought I could do everything that I did. I never expected to become a DJ/producer, and I did not think of playing in many places around the world. I thought it was impossible but no, if you want everything, it’s possible. Now I’m working hard to grow more and more,

[and] I truly believe that with passion and patience, everything is accomplished.