Two new releases from legendary DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold were scheduled for January 2013. The first is a remix of Bruno Mars’ chart-topping hit “Locked Out of Heaven,” which came out on January 15 through Atlantic Records.

Following that is “Touch the Sky,” a collaboration between him and Matt Goss, known together as The Concrete Sneakers, that comes out on his own Perfecto Records. The single additionally features different interpretations of the track for the dance floor, with Disfunktion, Faustix & Imanos, and Flesh & Bone contributing.

In speaking with the DJ who recently opened for Madonna on her recent MDNA Tour, we found he is also in the process of putting together another album.

Why did you decide to remix “Locked Out of Heaven”?

Paul Oakenfold: I was asked to do it by the record company, and I’m a fan of this and a lot of his music.

The Concrete Sneakers are releasing a new single, “Touch The Sky.” Why did you decide to release a new single?

Paul Oakenfold: It’s a collaboration I had done with Matt Goss, who’s a great singer/songwriter in his own right, and for me, it was just a great collaboration. I love working with Matt.

You are also working on a new album. How is this coming along?

Paul Oakenfold: I’m right in the middle of recording it and writing songs, so looking forward to sharing it with people.

What do you use for DJ equipment?

Paul Oakenfold: I use all the Pioneer equipment.

This past week has seen older EDM artists criticizing newer EDM performers. What’s your take on the newer sound of EDM?

Paul Oakenfold: I embrace it. I think there’re some great performers and new artists out there.

You helped pioneer the EDM festival in the United States, and over the past few years, EDM festival attendance has continued to grow. What’s your perspective on the festival explosion?

Paul Oakenfold: I had been doing it for many years in Europe; it’s been very successful in Europe, so it’s good that America’s part of it in a big way. For me, it’s good to see – especially, because it’s giving the scene a big boost.

Over the past decade, you have created film and TV scores. How does this style of production differ from your typical compositions?

Paul Oakenfold: It’s completely different. When you write for film and game and TV, you’re dictating by a visual. When you write tracks, your own record or collaborating with other people, it’s just a feeling and being creative and seeing what comes out of it in terms of direction on what you’re doing.

Do you have any film or TV projects coming up, or are you mostly working on your upcoming album?

Paul Oakenfold: It’s all about the upcoming album at the moment.

EDM is expected to continue growing in 2013. Where would you like to see the genre go?

Paul Oakenfold: I’m enjoying it – it’s getting bigger and more popular – so it’s wonderful at the moment.