Over the course of electronic music’s history, Pioneer has, frankly, been one of the more innovative, forward-pushing brands. One of their latest products is the S-DJ08 monitors, specifically designed for DJs. Why Pioneer hasn’t rolled out such gear until now is a mystery to us, but considering the product’s demographic, does it deliver and what about it makes it something a producer will want in his studio and at the club?

On a physical level, Pioneer, too, is breaking out of the traditional mold by going for a curved design with its first DJ monitors. A rounded wavelength enclosure provides improved imaging and staging while offering better mid-bass and bass reflex. All speakers are bi-amped, as well, providing better than average power. Additionally, all monitors are equipped with four inputs – XLR, TRS, and two RCAs – which let the DJ or producer simultaneously connect multiple types of devices without switching cables. An Automatic Standby function assists with conserving power by detecting when an input is not in use for 60 minutes and then shutting it off.

More of a convenience for the DJ or producer than, say, your typical music listener is the control function. This feature lets the user operate the volume, power, and the four inputs simultaneously. In a sense, the feature is additionally easy to use and ergonomic, with all buttons essentially at your fingertips. The power function, for convenience, isn’t too easily tapped. Aside from this, the module glides easily, letting the DJ or producer smoothly change between settings manually.

But, convenience and DJ-specific features aside, what does the S-DJ08 sound like? In general, likely a result of the curved design, the S-DJ08 monitors creature a bigger than average listening area, one in which the enclosure guides the tweeter’s sound into a wider pattern.

The S-DJ08 monitor, additionally, optimizes quality at both frequency ends. Higher frequencies are clearer than those from competitors’ devices, while the lower frequency range is lengthened. But, as many DJs desire some bass in the club, the S-DJ08 additionally delivers in this aspect. High-force magnets enable better control of the subwoofers, while a bi-amp circuit separately pushes the tweeter and subwoofer.

Overall, Pioneer’s S-DJ08 gives a clear performance in both the studio and the club. The user, in this regards, is able to further fine-tune the sound to the listeners’ tastes and to adjust high and low bands. In the studio, particularly, this leads to improved tonal quality of instrumental tracks; in the club, the bass is clear without being overpowering or fuzzy. With clarity comes accuracy, and with a large range of recordings, from your standard electronic to even rock, all tones and instruments are distinctly heard.

Pioneer, with the S-DJ08, essentially successfully killed two birds with one stone. First, Pioneer displays it can create a product – and a first for the brand – with the DJ and producer’s needs in mind. Second, it’s gear that lets a producer effectively keep his studio and live setups to a minimum without compromising quality.