The iPad has appeared to be the next step for DJing technology since 2010. At the time, on a crude level, multiple apps for samples, sequencing, and other functions could be run simultaneously to create music on the fly. But, technology has moved at a rapid pace since then. Not only can apps turn the flat-screened, tablet computer into a DJing device, but gear manufacturers like Numark are taking advantage of its and popular apps’ functions.

Numark’s iDJ Pro is a paradigm example of how these three functions perfectly come together. The iDJ Pro is specifically made to work with the iPad, expanding its capabilities at the same time. The controller, as well, integrates with Algoriddim’s djay for iPad app, creating a new yet streamlined experience that opens creativity for the performer.

On a physical level, the iDJ Pro has a dual-platter setup, one providing access to the tablet’s touch screen with an expanded layout of controls and a DJ-control surface. Platters are touch sensitive, and the controller is additionally equipped with large, die-cast aluminum knobs, lighted controls, a music-library scroll knob, and features for hot cues, looping, pitch, and effects control. To put all components securely together, the docked iPad latches onto the iDJ Pro for seamless integration

Aside from the setup, the iDJ Pro provides three-way effects capabilities, including a filter knob, assignable effects knob with an on and off switch, and an X/Y pad effect with Algoriddim. The app, which is sold separately, has an average, if not slightly better, range of effects. Once the app is installed, it provides a Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Bit Crusher, Filter, Absorb, Drift, Sway, Crush, Punch, and Twist. Numark finishes this off with a professional-quality microphone, external device inputs, and balanced XLR master outputs.

Going past the standard capabilities, where this setup truly stands out is its incorporation of wireless and cloud technology. Essentially, these two aspects offer a DJ nearly limitless options in searching for, downloading, and using tracks. Through access to the cloud, the DJ can download any track in seconds. Along with this ease, cloud technology essentially eliminates the need for any physical track-storing medium.

Access to your library, via the cloud, comes through Algoriddim. As the app is essentially the device’s software and more, it greatly expands the functionality of the iDJ Pro. Cloud technology aside, Algoriddim provides a customized interface, a built-in sampler, a crossfade slope and directional controls, beat-matched auto, manual, and bounce looping, and automatic beat and tempo detection, auto-synch, and beat synchronized scratching. For the DJ looking to listen to his set later or upload it to a website, Algoriddim records sets and offers features for sharing online.

Ultimately, though, Numark’s iDJ Pro foreshadows future technologies, those that will eventually make laptop DJing now look like using a CDJ. The iDJ Pro is solid and professional enough for comfortably making that leap.