The DJ Marketing Bible is an ebook put out by DJ-Lounge, an innovative online taste-making community for DJs, based in the Netherlands. The book is free to download and is filled with helpful tips and insights about treating DJing as a career rather than as a hobby. While much of it may be things you’ve heard before, the book could potentially be a helpful guide for DJs, musicians, or anyone else who is serious about carving out a career in the dog-eat-dog world of the music business.

From the vantage point of the experienced club-spinner, the DJ Marketing Bible backs up and clarifies a lot of what many of us already know. But it also makes us aware of a whole array of promotional and creative tools we already have at our disposal that we may not be taking full advantage of.

It starts with the basics: choosing an evergreen DJ name, recording fresh mixes, putting out CDs, and getting gigs. Yet it presents a highly proactive approach to things you may only really be doing passively at the moment. It also presents inside pointers like to record your demo mixes from your live sets; as the decisions you make while “feeling” the crowd will often be your best.

You’ll find genuinely helpful advice throughout the DJ Marketing Bible. It goes into detail about what you need to do to present a professional profile of yourself as a serious DJ; from promotional pics to a website, to establishing and maintaining a social media presence, the DJ Marketing Bible explains everything you need to become a working DJ.

It also presents inside anecdotes from the authors, who if nothing else, seems very well versed in the ups and the downs of the DJ life. You’ll even find tough-love advice about not drinking too much on the job and being wary of the drug scenes that seem to be ever-present in the DJ and club circles.

The book lays out the realities of the club world, providing you with advice on making good professional choices that will advance your career and improve your reputation. And it makes you aware of tools you probably already have at your disposal that can be put to work to make it happen.

One of the best pieces of advice that’s reiterated throughout the DJ Marketing Bible is to always remain proactive in your career. Can’t find a gig? Keep making new mixes, producing tracks or working on your website or logo. Not ready to record your own music? Than make yourself an online tastemaker by starting a blog and reviewing other artists’ releases.

It is a bit disappointing that there are no quotes or interviews with working DJs included in the book. Also there are some distracting punctuation and grammatical errors that come from English presumably having been the authors’ second language (Not to disparage the Dutch, who speak wonderful English!).

But refreshingly, unlike many other ebooks, the DJ Marketing Bible never tries to sell you anything. Instead it’s just a downloadable compendium of good DJing advice that’s delivered with a slight Dutch accent.

If you feel like your career has plateaued somewhat then you may find it worthwhile to check out the DJ Marketing Bible. Reading it and taking it to heart may not guarantee that you become the next Deadmau5 or Skrillex. But it could certainly help you to get further along in your career from wherever you may be at the moment.

Download the DJ Marketing Bible!/djloungemusic