Innovation and creativity are at the forefront of the Reloop Terminal Mix 4 controller. While designed specifically for use with Serato software, this feature is only one of many making Reloop easy to use, opening up creativity options, and providing improved comfort and control for the DJ.

Terminal Mix 4 is Reloop’s first digital mixing controller made with Serato specifically in mind. While Serato is certainly a favored software, a fully-integrated four-channel mixer chock full of features gives Terminal Mix 4 its true distinction over similar devices. Some of these include the Trax Encoder feature, 3 fold EQ with intelligent kill technique, and filter modulation capabilities per channel. The latter of these three is just the tip of creativity and versatility Terminal Mix 4 introduces to the DJ. Through the controls on the front panel, any of the four channels can straightforwardly be assigned to the crossfader, and the crossfader curve, as well, can be adjusted to fit the needs of the DJ.

Accessing playlists through Terminal Mix 4 is extremely convenient and easy to do. The device’s master section provides four clearly-visible management buttons, which offer direct access to playlists, crates, and additional layout views without a laptop needing to be involved. In fact, selecting and loading wanted tracks is simple and instant, and through the designated load button, can be added to any of the device’s decks. Through this feature, the fader start function can also be loaded.

15.5cm jog wheels set the Terminal Mix 4 apart from other controllers. 15.5cm is one of the largest sizes possible for jog wheels, and not only does this improve convenience, but Reloop added a non-slip vinyl grip to these flat aluminum platters extend control for the user to a higher level. The user, as well, gets a choice of three modes through the jog wheels, and transitions between them are smooth and quick: Pitch Bend, Vinyl, and Quick Scratch.

As far as the physical design is concerned, Reloop apparently took DJs’ concerns into consideration as it developed Terminal Mix 4. The result is an added integrated 14-bit pitch fader with 100mm increments, allowing for exact mixing and blending. Beyond this, an eight-button layout, for use over two distinct layers, sets this controller apart and provides the DJ with even more versatility when it comes to creativity. How does this work? On the first level, four hot cues can be fired off and four sample decks activated. The second level, influenced more by software, provides greater access to cues and samples and, with enhancement, provides live remixing capabilities.

On a similar note, creativity is further pushed with the Terminal Mix 4’s FX Section of four buttons, three rotary knobs, and one endless encoder. Four independent controls offer the user a choice of beat loops adjust in size, and can be moved in live situations.

As far as Serato is concerned, Serato DJ Intro and a Virtual 4-Deck LE come with this controller, which additionally operates with Traktor Pro 2.

While a design specifically for Serato is certainly an asset and distinction, it’s only one of many making the Reloop Terminal Mix 4 one of the best DJ controllers of the year. Better performance and control, greater creativity features, an innovative and easy-to-use format, and improved comfort make this device helpful for those who prefer Serato.