DJ Tech advertises its SL series as one of the most popular models of turntables. And, the SL 1300 MK6’s features are a perfect indication of why this series is one of the most popular in this regards. Compared to others, the SL 1300 MK6 is all-around high-quality, durable, and reliable, and the unique appearance shows you, as a DJ, are a professional but still like to stand out.

A handful of distinct features set the SL 1300 MK6 apart from its contemporaries. The Quartz Direct Drive Motor is one. When it comes to spinning and playing a setlist, this feature improves accuracy and reliability, making your hours behind the booth go smoothly. An ABS cabinet keeps the equipment secure, while a heavier rubber base reduces vibrations while in use.

DJ Tech appears to understand professionals’ preference of this line and, as a result, keeps familiar features intact while expanding this latest SL device’s capabilities. Essentially, the SL 1300 MK6 has construction identical to the SL 1200 MK2 but features a 50-percent pitch selection for greater possibilities.

Beyond this foundation, the SL 1300 MK6 offers the DJ versatility in terms of features and what he or she can play. Its upper torque direct drive is better than average and, on a physical level, offers an adjustable, anti-skating S-shaped pickup, 330mm aluminum turntable platter, and shock-absorbing feet. As far as usage is concerned, the device is three-speed full manual; has phone and line output, with no grounding needed, and has forward and reverse modes.

But, for playing or recording music, the SL 1300 MK6 truly stands out. For convenience, the turntable can do 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM speeds. A USB output provides recording capabilities and offers plug-and-play usability with both Windows and Mac computers. If you plan to record a set, just be mindful that this turntable is compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS9.1. Two software programs come with the SL 1300 MK6: Magic Audio Cleaning Lab SE and Audacity.

Along with all of these high-quality features, reliability, and excellent torque, the SL 1300 MK6 has one of the most eye-catching looks out there. That’s not to say it pushes the boundaries, ending up in the airbrushed gaudiness of DJ Pauly D’s setup, however. Rather, the SL 1300 MK6 comes in orange – bright enough to make a bold impression but strong enough to still have dignity as you stand behind the booth. In addition, DJ Tech adds its DJ-Tech Piano High Glossy Finish to the body. With this look, you’ll have a visual statement that matches your sounds.

Essentially, the DJ Tech SL 1300 MK6 has the strength, durability, and features a professional requires; keeps a tried-and-true, well-known, and trusted design in place; and has the right look for a DJ making a statement. No matter if you’re front and center in a club with a video presentation, or behind a booth, the SL 1300 MK6 stays dependable and grabs attention.