Synth is a great way to learn about using a synthesizer to make and produce music. The basic version of this app, available for free from iTunes, allows you to experiment with several different synthesized sounds, adjusting the octave, pitch, and modulation. Different filters for delay amount, time, feedback, and distortion are also available. Beginners can learn how basic sounds are modified through using Synth without any add-ons or additional software required. Samples of outside sounds, such as voices, vehicles, or anything else one might imagine, can be recorded into the sample field and then performed on the keyboard.

The free upgrade, which was immediately available on the top right corner of the screen following the download and subsequent start of software, provided extra effects via five different “skins” (synthesizers). While this offers a lot of variation and “play time,” professional results will not be achieved by beginning or intermediate users without the rest of the add-ons.

The add-on pack, for $.99, adds two independent oscillators that can be adjusted, an amplification envelope to develop the full scope of each sound created, and customizable filters. Instruments can be created, recorded, and saved, added to the synthesizer for later use. Overall, I would say that the app almost requires the add on in order to be functional and enjoyable for a higher level user who is looking not only to create original sounds, but to design sounds for different uses like recording, movies, or television. Overall, the app is clean and functional for the price, and the extra $.99 is a pittance to pay in exchange for the features you can unlock. A clean, clear app that does what it says.