Longing for straightforward, easy-to-use technology doesn’t necessarily make you a luddite: it pretty much makes you just like every other DJ and electronic musician out there. All the bells and whistles simply don’t cut it when a mixer, controller, or deck is a pain to use and doesn’t integrate well with your existing software or setup.

The DJ Tech DDM 3000 DJ Mixer is, perhaps, the tool we’ve all been looking for. For those of us who haven’t gotten over vinyl’s passing (and now find the new vinyl records simply aren’t the same), the DDM 3000 DJ Mixer is an analog device with intuitive operation. What’s “intuitive operation,” exactly? While part of the brand’s description, it aptly indicates this mixer does not require significant instruction and, maintaining a clear, preferred analog sound, is about as close to plug-and-play as you can get.

On a general level, the DDM 3000 DJ Mixer comes equipped with standard features. As a four-channel analog mixer, it includes LED level meters for each channel, an independent mix channel, a dual BPM counter, 8xBPM synched effects, balanced XLR outputs, an RCA master, and zone and record outputs. Beyond these basics, however, the device features built-in digital effects, which produce a classic and clean sound.

The effects, on the surface, are your run-of-the-mill variety but produce better-than-average sounds. These 24-bit digital effects come with an advanced parameter control and include dual-rail faders and a crossfader, an adjustable crossfader curve for several types of mixing styles, a three-band kill EQ and exact level meters for each channel, three-way kill switches with steep frequency separation, and monitor and talk functions. Included with the device is Deckadance LE DJ software.

On the hand, technology’s progress means convenience and devices that are far easy to use. Equipment, these days, is far more lightweight, durable, and long lasting than pieces were even 10 years ago. On the other, increased functions inside a small instrument call for greater time sitting down with instructions. If you’re a professional DJ, do you really have time for that? Usability and effects must be evident, and spending a few days fiddling with a manual and a device means time wasted. The DDM 3000 DJ Mixer eliminates this inconvenience, and you’ll be familiar with it in no time at all.

At the same time, although all effects are digital, the mixer still retains the analog qualities of decade’s past. Since 2008, or even a bit earlier, old-school sounds have surfaced, predominately through synthesizers, but shouldn’t your mixer be on, excuse the pun, the same wavelength? If you’re aiming to capture that early ‘90s quality without resorting to outdated equipment, the DDM 3000 DJ Mixer produces the preferred sounds with modern technology’s advancements.

So, who should consider this device? Any DJ looking to go retro without seeming dated with his or her setup, and any professional seeking out an uncomplicated mixer that presents no issues when integrating with his or her existing equipment.


  • Professional 4-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer
  • State-of-the-art 24-bit digital effects with advanced parameter control
  • Intelligent dual auto-BPM counter
  • Super-smooth dual rail faders and crossfader for long life cycles
  • Adjustable crossfader curve for all mixing styles
  • 3-band kill EQ (-32 dB) and precise level meters per channel
  • Additional 3-way kill switches with extremely steep frequency separation
  • Monitor and Talkover function
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Main output with electronic balancing on 2 x XLR connectors
  • Conceived and designed in Germany
  • DJ Software Deckadance LE included