This year crossfadr made the trip to Atlantic City, NJ for the DJ Expo 2011, held at the Trump Taj Mahal. That’s a big hotel with a big casino and you really need a map just to get around. But I had a nice room overlooking the ocean, so getting lost wasn’t a big deal at all.

First stop, the Exhibit Hall. I wasn’t really interested in the “Adult Club DJing: The Real Story” seminar. In the Exhibit Hall, the corporate offices of the major players in the DJ industry definitely had a strong showing at this years DJ Expo, Pioneer, Numark, Gemini, and Denon. For them, it wasn’t about selling products at the expo, but rather exhibiting and demonstrating its latest offerings. Most exhibitors were retail outlets selling products at a discount. The biggest exhibitor, you guessed it, Pioneer, although not the best. The best exhibitor had a tiny booth way in the back, away from all the big boys, The Emulator.

Here is crossfadr’s list of what we like and dislike at the DJ Expo 2011.

No need to spend a gazillion dollars to bring products to a global scale. Numark has been in the game for a long time and knows what DJs expect. NS6, Mixdeck and iDJ Live, review coming soon .

A Gemini representative gave me a walk through of the new CDJ-700 (game changer), gotta love it. Cossfadr will put the CDJ-700 through its paces, review coming soon.

Gemini CDJ-700

Smithson Martin
They had the hottest exhibit demonstrating one product, The Emulator, just check the video and be impressed.

Honorable Mention
Pimp My Turntables – based out of Chilltown, JC, don’t sleep
Dragon Frontboards – DJ Booths and Facades
Uniqued Squared – recording studio bus
Mono Case – everything
House of Blues – nice spot

Pimp My Turntables, Chilltown JC

Promo Only – party at the House of Blues. Every artist under the Promo Only banner really sucked that evening.

Really Fucking Bad
KreayShawn and Lil Debbie – part of the whackadoodle Promo Only artist showcase at the House of Blues. They were booed and the outfits were horrible; PJs, lace stockings with underwear over them, right… Oh, and the Lady Gaga wannabe with the African drummers, get a real job please.

Overall the DJ Expo 2011 was pretty good and Atlantic City, NJ is a great location. Let’s try to get one of those sponsored events on the actual beach next year. See you in 2012.