Video of the Week (33) – Mahon – Closer

Experimental soul duo Mahon have created a neo-diaspora traversing the ethereal sounds of Ireland and the gritty beats of suburban New York. The duo have collided into the music landscape flirting with high fashion and expressive art, conjuring a mysticism within the electronic genre. The marriage between their organic song [...]

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Video of the Week (32) – Krewella – Killin' It

Krewella is an electro group from Chicago comprised of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf joined by producer Rain Man. Making their debut in the summer of 2011, the trio instantly exploded onto the electro scene with their genre defying releases. Seamlessly merging infectious melodies with snarling dubstep drops, Krewella defies [...]

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Video of the Week (30) – Audrey Napoleon – Poison

Audrey Napoleon is a new arrival to the hallowed halls of dance-music production—she released her first track at the end of 2010—but she’s an established force behind the decks, thanks to her residencies at Los Angeles’ Avalon nightclub and the Music Box. Even if you’ve never set foot in L.A. [...]

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Video of the Week (28) – Astrobal – Poetry & Science Fiction

Emmanuel Mario (aka Astrobal) grew up in Montauban, France. Sounds ranging from Neil Young to Kraftwerk filled the home of young Emmanuel. Motivated by teenage desires, he began taking drum lessons at an early age. His parents didn’t mind the clamoring in the garage while Emmanuel began exploring his creativity. [...]

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Video of the Week (27) – Patric la Funk – Smile

For over ten years now, the name Patric La Funk has been a guarantee for emotion-packed electronic dance music, with a diversity that spans through the whole spectrum of the genre. With tracks like “Autosave” and gigs in some of the most renowned clubs in the world, Patric has become [...]

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