EQ – Placing the elements of your mix

If you try to mix all the different elements of a track using only the volume faders on your mixer, you’ll find that everything quickly descends into woolly, distorted mess. Your speakers are only capable of producing so many frequencies at once, so if you try to feed them, kick, [...]

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The Show – Live Sound Tips and Tricks

Every one of us has been to club night or a live show where the sound wasn’t up to scratch. Piercing snares and muffled kicks can rob a great set of much of its dynamics and drama. People don’t dance to music that sounds bad. Instead of the writhing sweaty [...]

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Delayed Reaction: Loops, echoes, and glitches

Delay is one of the most commonly included effect types in a DAW package or multiFX processor. However, delay effects will often come in several different “flavours,” all with strange, cryptic names; Analog, Digital, Multi-Tap, Tape Loop, or Bucket Brigade. They’re all variants of the same device, they just produce [...]

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Automation – What it is, and what it can do for you

Control automation is another input method for your digital audio workstation. Where MIDI information is designed to transmit note information, such as pressure and velocity, control automation is used to transmit peripheral control instructions. It might be used to move the volume faders on your mixer, or do some more [...]

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King Thud – More Beef and Fat for Your Kick Drums

When programming a beat, your kick drums will always act as the underpinning element, keeping the pace and meter of the pattern. Practically every sub-genre of electronic and dance music has at least one signature kick sound that evokes memories of dozens of other tracks. Techno music has the thumping [...]

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Generic MIDI devices as DIY DJ Controllers

The dedicated DJ controller has grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years. As home PCs have become more powerful, and DJ software has become more refined and stable, spinning tracks from your laptop has become all the more viable. Dedicated DJ controllers are designed to mimic the familiar [...]

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Production Tips: MINIMAL

Good minimal strikes a balance between simple and complex sounds and rhythms, often without the listener really grasping what it is that they’re hearing. We’re going to build a phrase in Ableton and dirty it up a little, turning it from something plain to a whirling, psychedelic centrepiece and back [...]

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