Advanced "Liquid" Dubstep Bass Tutorial

By now, many in the music production realm are familiar with the “classic” dubstep sound. affectionately labeled “wobble bass,” this sound is created by taking a simple oscillator and applying a low pass filter with a LFO applied to the filter cutoff, resulting in the iconic “wob, wob” heard in [...]

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Ableton Tips, Tricks and Miscellaneous Controls

Ableton’s slightly oddball Clip View interface is a pretty unique approach to computer based music creation, it shares more in common with a hardware sampler or Groovebox. It makes sense then, that there are several controls that mirror that same setup. There’s a lot of emphasis on making your computer [...]

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MIDI Controls and Interfaces in Ableton Live

Getting Hands-On If you've ever used any other DAW or performance software, you’ll know how valuable a MIDI controller can be in creating fluidity and style when controlling your instruments. Because Ableton is meant for Live use, the addition of a MIDI controller can completely transform your Live performances. It’s possible to [...]

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Ableton Live’s Clip Envelopes

Having looked at the use of beatmatching and effects within Ableton, it’s time to check out another of its slightly esoteric editing features. The Clip Envelope editor. This quirky editor allows us to edit some deeper parameters of a sample, the way you might use an audio source editor in [...]

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Live Effects in Ableton

Like most DAWs, Ableton Live contains a selection of effects processors to twist and manipulate your sounds. However, as you’ve probably come to expect by now, Live does things a little differently. In addition to the usual array of compressors, distortion boxes, and phasers, there are a few DJ-friendly units [...]

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Ableton Live: Beatmatching Basics

The Warp engine at the heart of Ableton Live is designed to let you drop in audio files, and instantly sync them to the master tempo of your project. This works with anything from single drum hits to loops and samples, or even full tracks. It’s what makes Ableton different [...]

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Ableton Live: 101 For DJs

Ableton's "Live" software package has always been an unusual feature on the DAW landscape. Intended, as the name suggests, for Live audio manipulation., it does things a little differently than its studio-bound equivalents. Some of its unique features are ideal for DJing; there is an integrated beat detector that keeps [...]

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