In The Studio Tips – The Do’s and Don’ts of Mixing Music

Which part of music production do you consider fun...Production, Mixing, Mastering? It’s all fun but mixing has a special place for me. It’s the beginning process of giving your track character. However, sometimes we get this wrong by not understanding how to mix. In this video, we go over some [...]

Programming Midi Strings

String parts are used incredibly frequently in electronic music, yet they can prove infuriatingly difficult to get right. Often, even when using high quality samples, they can sound sterile and unrealistic. There are, thankfully, a number of techniques you can use that will increase the realism of your string parts [...]

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“It IS Real Music After All!”

A Crash Course in Electronic Music Theory + Maintaining Melodic Cohesion in "Noisy" EDM Genres As a producer of electronic dance music, especially some of the “harsher” genres, I am known for my ability to deliver some of the most noisy, and downright ungodly computer noises, often evoking a sarcastic [...]

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Creative Use Of Noise Gates

Noise gates are often somewhat underused by producers of electronic music. Noise gates (or just simply, ‘gates’) were initially developed, as the name suggests, to stop unwanted noise from creeping into a mix. Imagine for example, that you are recording a drum kit live; the kick drum mic will pick [...]

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