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The Rise of Podcasting: Exploring the Boom in the Podcast Industry

In recent years, podcasting has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, captivating audiences worldwide with its diverse range of content. From true crime mysteries to educational shows and comedy podcasts, there is something for everyone in the podcasting landscape. Let's checkout the reasons behind the explosive growth of podcasting and [...]

By |June 7, 2023|

What is the best way to become a successful DJ?

Do you have the skills to be a successful DJ? Are you thinking of taking your passion for music and mixing it with your love of people? If so, welcome to the wonderful world of being a DJ. The truth is that becoming a professional DJ isn't easy (and it [...]

By |July 15, 2022|

Beyoncé releases her long awaited single, Break My Soul

Break My Soul is an upbeat tempo house hit with catchy phrases from New Orleans bounce and hip hop rapper, Big Freedia. Beyoncé and Freedia blend so well together to create a strong 90’s vibe that captures a freeing and positive vibe that uplift the spirit of listeners. The song [...]

By |July 8, 2022|
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