The Vinyl Resurrection

You’ve probably heard talk of the rise of vinyl. Everyone is doing it. Hell, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a part of it yourself. Vinyl is dominating sales in the music industry, and many artists are having a hard time stocking enough records at their merch table. At first, [...]

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The Lost Art of Record Storage

If you have fully embraced the latest technology, you probably aren’t worried about where or how you are going to store your thousands of songs. Being digital, they, and many more, fit conveniently within a little black box that you can throw into your backpack. For the rest of the [...]

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Vinyl, CDs, or Digital: What Does a DJ Use?

It’s a mantra, it’s a meme: Real DJs play vinyl. Or, do they? Vinyl has classic technique, a warm tone, and nostalgia associated with it. Digital files, in recent memory, are associated with pressing the space bar and poorer-quality sound. Yet, established professionals – Paul Van Dyk and Sasha are [...]

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Why Vinyl Is Still King

I recently spun a late night set at a discreet venue deep in the heart of the West Village.  My gracious hosts requested that I provide them with my preferred equipment requirements days before the gig so that they could be prepared for any change-overs between the DJs.  With the [...]

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