Ghost Producing, Part II: If Everyone Does It, Why Not Admit It?

It seemed that, before the end of 2013, ghost producing within electronic dance music was acknowledged but not talked about. Hinted at, yes, but no artist directly came out and said, “Yes, I have used ghost producers,” or “I have a team behind me. Did you think I was a [...]

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2014’s Mainstream EDM to Indie Trend: Who Did It Well?

Some say hardstyle was 2014’s biggest dance music trend, while others claim, at least for EDM, it was the year of Melbourne Bounce. But neither holds a candle to another pattern: mainstream producers claiming to go “underground” or “indie.” These two terms aren’t interchangeable, of course. “Underground” implies exclusiveness into [...]

Trance Singer JES Talks “High Glow” Re-Release, New Music: Our Interview

If you've listened to trance music over the past decade, there’s no need to introduce JES. You’ve likely heard her distinctive vocals on high-charting tracks from Tiesto, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Kaskade, and Above & Beyond, among other prominent genre producers. Now re-releasing hit single “High Glow,” a Tiesto collaboration from [...]

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Back to the Acid: 2014’s Acid House Revival

What embodies the acid house aesthetic – the sounds or the period in time? Any piece examining the era in U.K. dance music history from roughly 1986 to 1992 targets club and youth culture, touching on how the sounds and word-of-mouth warehouse parties overlapped with the Second Summer of Love [...]

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Getting on a Major Label: An EDM Producer’s Next Career Move?

Tiesto got some attention this past month for his latest In The Booth series. The music itself wasn’t particularly remarkable, but rather, a statement he made was: Getting signed to a major label is the next step his career needs. “I wanted to work with the biggest player in the [...]

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Ghost Producing: What the EDM Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

In the celebrity branding industry, ghosting is a given. Consumers don’t expect The Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to have written her novels (although it’s pretty clear her experiences influenced A Shore Thing), nor is it assumed Rihanna, in creating her poorly-reviewed-but-successful River Island collection, sat down to put together [...]

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A New Beginning for Musical Freedom

“C’mon,” Tiesto’s 2010 collaboration with Diplo, essentially kicked off the Dutch DJ’s Musical Freedom label. Until recently, however, Musical Freedom’s website could only be described as “sufficient,” but as the label acquired several performers over the course of 2012, a major change was in order. That’s why, on December 19, [...]

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1 Million Subscribers and Counting: Which EDM YouTube Channels Should You Be Watching?

When we think social media, Facebook and Twitter are often the first platforms to come to mind. But, for DJs, producers, and musicians, YouTube, as a platform for previewing songs and videos and often for streaming new music, is a must. Practically all electronic dance music artists have a YouTube [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of January 11

The past week was filled with multiple concert and show announcements. Perhaps the largest was Ultra Music Festival. For those not up to date, the EDM festival celebrating its 15th anniversary now expanded to two weekends. The lineup was revealed last Friday, and features the usual crew: Tiesto, Carl Cox, [...]

DJ vs. DJ: Collaborations That Work (And Those That Don’t)

Right at the end of October, Steve Aoki and duo Knife Party announced on MTV a collaboration, a “phat” track called “Pile Driver.” Although the track is set for official release in early 2013, both acts are already including it in their setlists. Of course, over the years EDM has [...]

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