SoundCloud, Will It Survive?

The faults of the modern music business are coming full circle. In short: no one, outside of a few top-level artists, business men, and promoters, are making any money, and it’s coming back around to bite the industry and the fans in the ass. Nowhere is this more visible right [...]

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SoundCloud: Definitely Has Become Cloudy

Soundcloud, sooo 2008 You and a few friends stumble into an apartment after a night out. There’s no DJ equipment in sight, but it’s all good because the host promptly directs everyone to the beefy little sound system, complete with tweeters and woofer. All at once, the group pounces on [...]

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DJs: Tortured Artists or Copyright Criminals?

Lately, numerous producers and DJs, including myself, have been complaining about the blocking of audio files uploaded to the online audio distribution platform, SoundCloud.  An essential tool for DJs and producers alike, SoundCloud has usurped Myspace as the place to host your own audio creations for the world to hear.  Until [...]

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