Quintessentially Corporate: When EDM Hits the Stock Market

If you had already thought EDM got as corporate as it could possibly get, from festival sponsors to Live Nation buying up Insomniac, guess again. Early in March, Forbes writer Jesse Lawrence recommended investing in EDM stock, specifically SFX Entertainment, which went public last year. Lawrence lists multiple reasons investors [...]

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Dance, Dance, Dance on the Radio?

Digital music’s takeover resulted in the record store’s demise – a downside on the hand for DJs, as it takes away the experience for finding a new record, but puts thousands of new tracks at his fingertips. But digital files didn’t just obliterate this once-keystone aspect of listening to music [...]

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What Layoffs at Beatport Could Mean for the Rest of Electronic Dance Music

What goes on at Beatport influences electronic dance music as a whole. The site, essentially, serves as a barometer for genre trends, making what’s on iTunes and the Billboard charts look too dated or too mainstream. So now that Beatport’s parent company, the infamous SFX Entertainment, just fired a quarter [...]

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EDM in 2013: The Best and The Worst

What happens when something that rises gets to a peak? It can either go down or stay at a plateau. That sums up 2013 for electronic dance music – some trends went forward, some backwards, some business deals that once looked auspicious went sour, and European crossover festivals that seemed [...]

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