Innovative Approaches to Performing Electronic Music

“It’s dull, boring.” “Just a guy pushing buttons.” “What am I supposed to be looking at?” How many times have you heard the above sentiments used to describe an electronic music performance? No matter if a synthpop act triggers samples from an Emulator II or DJs at Electric Daisy Carnival [...]

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Review: Kraftwerk Retrospective Exhibit at MoMa PS1

If there’s one group that has been influential to the EDM scene, it would have to be Kraftwerk. Some may disagree, but they would be wrong. Before there was Armin Van Buuren, Deadmau5 and Avicii, there was Kraftwerk. The group came out of Germany and has become a significant contributor [...]

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Kraftwerk Begins Retrospective in New York, Offers Limited Edition Box Set at MoMA

German electronic band Kraftwerk are experiencing a career resurgence, of sorts. Fresh off performing at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March, Kraftwerk started a week-long retrospective on April 10 at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. Encompassing their eight electronic albums, inimitable music videos, designs, three-dimensional installations, [...]

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