Where Have You Been?: Is a Dance Music Comeback Possible?

With singles released at hyper speed and tours that don’t really let up, can an electronic dance artist truly disappear in today’s musical climate? Groups disband and make comebacks, like New Order informally taking a break after 1993’s Technique and then reforming in 1998 to release Get Ready a few [...]

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Main Stage vs. Throwback Tents: Symptom of Electronic Dance Music’s Divide?

With Ultra Music Festival expanding to two weekends, the 2013 Winter Music Conference’s workshops in between, and plenty of DJ appearances at local clubs over roughly 15 days, the city’s electronic music offerings were consolidated into Miami Music Week back in March. After the panels and workshops, we hit up [...]

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Kevin Saunderson Talks Inner City, KMS Records With Crossfadr

For many on this side of the pond, electronic dance music is new to the charts and radio, coming over here through popular European producers David Guetta and Tiesto. Yet, more than 20 years ago, such sounds originated here, and Kevin Saunderson was one of the pioneers of the Detroit [...]

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Video of the Week (29) – High Tech Soul – The Creation of Techno Music

HIGH TECH SOUL is the first documentary to tackle the deep roots of techno music alongside the cultural history of Detroit, its birthplace. From the race riots of 1967 to the underground party scene of the late 1980s, Detroit's economic downturn didn't stop the invention of a new kind of [...]

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