The Digital Revolution & Music's Shifting Landscape

Much has been written about the music industry’s downfall, it’s failure to adapt and the onset of the digital music revolution. The subsequent rise of digital music retailers has, in many ways, democratized access to electronic music that never would have made it onto the shelves of major music retailers [...]

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Casting A Bigger Music Collecting Net

For most of the plugged-in population, itunes (host to 28,000,000+ songs) is a one stop shop for all their music needs.  For the rest of us music addicted connoisseurs, there is no single source for music nor are there ever enough tools for building the perfect collection. The following is [...]

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Satellite: Closer to the Record Store Experience

More DJs than you can count express the following sentiment: “Whatever happened to the record store?” In a sense, the question is rhetorical. We all know what happened: the ease and cheapness of download websites, like iTunes and Beatport, made the physical experience obsolete. Yet, the quick fix can’t compensate [...]

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