How EDM Is Good For The Economy

On June 18th, 1971, Nixon addressed congress calling drug abuse “public enemy number one”. Since then, there has been an all out war on drugs.  According to, marijuana in particular “...constitutes almost half of all drug arrests.”  Be that as it may, beginning in the early hours of 2014, [...]

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Impress Promoters

Ever Wonder How You Can Impress A Promoter With Only 200 Facebook Fans? Are you just starting out as a DJ? That’s awesome, welcome to this highly competitive field we call the music industry. Well, actually that’s not the awesome part. Especially when you are looking to get paid for [...]

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Three Reasons Marketing Now Pays Attention to EDM and Its Fans

While I can’t speak about what goes on in Europe, it seems that a fair percentage of U.S. television commercials now contain an EDM track to it – a bit of dubstep in a video game advertisement, a Feenixpawl song accompanying the Kia Soul hamsters, or Diplo-produced Alex Clare track [...]

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