Strobe Lights Laser Disco: A Minimalist Mainstay

I believe the first official article I wrote for Crossfadr was of DJ Pierre’s “Acid/Jack Da Groove,” And since then haven’ had the chance to revisit his work. Which was why I was excited at having been assigned his latest EP, “Strobe Lights Laser Disco.” I feel it gave me [...]

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DJ Pierre: Read Between the Beats

Since the mid-1980’s, DJ Pierre has remained a prominent and influential figure in the Acid House music movement. Born and raised in Chicago, the DJ made his first appearance on the scene with the band Phuture, a collaboration between Pierre and electronic artists Spanky and Herb J. The band released [...]

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DJ Pierre: Crossfadr’s Exclusive Interview with the Acid House Pioneer

As a member of the underground electronic dance group Phuture, DJ Pierre was an instrumental figure in the foundation of the Chicago acid house sound. Phuture’s groundbreaking 1987 single “Acid Trax,” with its high-pitched Roland 303 squelches, is widely regarded as the first ever recorded example of acid house music. [...]

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