New Year’s Eve 2013: Where are the EDM Events?

For the average individual, New Year’s Eve is a celebration – a time you look around for the best party to knock back a few cocktails and dance until the early hours of the morning. Yet, for the DJ, New Year’s Eve is the prime time to knock back a [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of November 9

If you’re into music (and if you’re reading this website, you likely are), you probably collect releases, if not genre memorabilia. This week, Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail pointed out that Lego is introducing a collectible line of toys that includes a DJ Lego Man, complete with a record, [...]

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What’s Dub-House?

With tech-house, disco-house, and moombahton already legitimate EDM sub-subgenres, it’s time for a fusion of house and dubstep. Although the rising profile of Cazzette is starting to draw attention to dub-house, this fusion has actually been kicked around and experimented with for roughly four years, depending upon whom you ask [...]

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