What’s a DJM? – A Look at the Allen & Heath Xone:DB4

After previously reviewing the Allen & Heath Xone:DB2, I wondered how much different its more robust cousin, the Xone:DB4, might be. The two look similar, and the DB2 was already one of the more thrilling units I’ve encountered in a while, so I wondered just how much better the DB4 [...]

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In the Xone: The Allen & Heath Xone:DB2

The Allen & Heath Xone:DB2, designed to be a simplified and more affordable cousin to the premium Xone:DB4, is a high-quality four-channel mixer and sound card which bridges the gap between absolute luxury and entry-level options. The pseudo-minimalist design belies an impressive feature set which makes the DB2 a solid [...]

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Allen & Heath Xone:K2 – Buttons, and Faders, and Knobs…Oh My!

The Xone:K2, a bite-sized DJ controller from the UK courtesy of Allen & Heath, is an exciting new array of MIDI controls allowing for enhanced command of your favorite DJ and performance software. With a 16-bit, 4-channel sound card built in, the K2 comes close to being a compact, all-in-one [...]

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