The Trillectro Festival: Merging Hip-Hop and Electronica in Washington, DC

What is “trillectro”? Likely a soon-to-be-trending EDM subgenre, “trillectro” was coined by Modele “Modi” Oyewole, Quinn Coleman, and Marcel Marshall. The three, behind a Boston College radio show and, later, blog, have moved beyond, taking the term “trillectro” and escalating it into a full-on single day festival – the [...]

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European Summer Festival Guide for EDM Fans

When it comes to summer festivals, the European events from May through September cover all genres – including EDM. While some festivals encompass all genres, others are focused specifically toward electronic, including both live musicians and EDM. If you’re considering any of the festivals for this summer, here’s a guide [...]

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More Than Enough Brings the Funk

Le Poisson Rouge is a club known to accommodate many DJs, artists and bands that are up-and-coming as well as popular artists in an ultra chill setting. The lighting is dim, but the neon lighting of the bar gives off a glow that will attract you as you come down [...]

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Guide to Ibiza 2012: EDM Parties from June to September

The Ibiza summer season already started, with the opening party at Space. However, for EDM fans, three more months of parties stretch ahead. Thinking of making your first trip to the Balearic paradise, or coming again for a few months of relaxation? Crossfadr has the schedule of parties, including weekly [...]

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Electric Daisy Electrifies the Crowd

As the days begin to get warmer, people want to get outside in as little clothing as possible and have a good time. Electric Daisy Carnival was the beginning of that good time and one of the first electronic dance music festivals to kick off the summer. Met Life Stadium in [...]

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Ultra Music Festival Expands to Europe

Starting in the U.S. over a decade ago, Ultra Music Festival is one of the largest electronic music events in the world. In 2012, the Miami festival brought 165,000 through the gates and is frequented by all major DJs and producers. Beyond its regular Florida location, UMF has expanded to [...]

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Pulse Festival Brings EDM to St. Louis

When many think of an electronic music festival in the U.S., Miami, the Northeast cities, Detroit, and West Coast all seem like prime locations. But, St. Louis? Bringing EDM to the Midwest is not entirely unheard of, and the Pulse Festival is giving the genre the recognition it deserves in [...]

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