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Cerwin Vega’s P1000X: P-Series Power in a Smaller Package

Cerwin-Vega created a definitive product line with its P Series last year, and as of this past summer, they expanded it with the P1000X, a two-way, bi-amped full-range bass-reflex speaker. Out of the P-Series, this new model resembles the P1500X the most. Although smaller in size, and thus more portable, [...]

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Denon Aims High With MC6000MK2

Denon introduced its DJ MC6000MK2 controller/digital mixer as a successor to the MK1. While it’s being advertised as being fully integrated with Serato, it enters with a slim yet solid steel design, plenty of features (you might even say too many, given its size), and multiple upgrades. To start, Denon [...]

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UAD-2 Satellite DSP Accelerator Review: Vintage Sounds Paired With Modern Functionality

If music throughout the 2000's and 2010's – and that’s pop, rock, and EDM specifically – had any specific characteristic, it’s this strange affinity for the old. It’s almost as if those late ‘90s disco compilations, somewhat tongue-in-cheek and somewhat attempting to disco-ize the Eurodance craze of the time, become [...]

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Moog Sub Phatty Review: As Good As You’ve Heard

At least among older keyboardists, monophonic, analog synths have gotten greater visibility in recent years. The Cure’s Rodger O’Donnell’s first solo album The Truth in Me (2006) involved the Moog Voyager, while Depeche Mode’s Sounds of the Universe, even as mediocre as the result was, featured some vintage Moogs. The [...]

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KRK VXT6 Review: Quality in Every Component

If details go into a piece of gear’s design, will the sound be as equally high-quality and fine-tuned with such meticulousness? In the case of the KRK VXT6, a two-way active studio monitor with a six-inch Kevlar woofer, this notion proves to be true. Even when it comes down to [...]

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Stanton CMP.800 Review: High-Quality, Decently-Priced Cross-Media Player

Back at the 2013 Winter Music Conference, the theme of versatility over the purity of vinyl pervaded throughout various gear workshops. Based on events from Stanton’s parent company Gibson Audio and Pioneer, the question regarding gear these days isn’t so much “Does it seem authentic, like playing vinyl?” but rather [...]

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