Deep House Producer Room 303 Releases New EP, Does BPM Festival: Our Interview

Room 303, originally a deep house duo from Toronto and now the moniker of TJ Train, began just three years ago. The project quickly gained success, with a release out on London’s Love Not Money Records in 2011. More tracks came out on Subtrak, On The Prowl, and Casbour, and [...]

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HIIO: Big Room Dance Music Out of South America

When you think of EDM, South America isn't the first continent that comes to mind. Yet, this part of the Southern Hemisphere has its own scene, with HIIO, the duo of Ortzy and Nico Hamuy, leading the way. Together, they’ve amassed 20 Beatport Top 100 tracks between them. However, it [...]

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Miami Bounce: An American Producer’s Answer to the Melbourne Sound

“Melbourne Bounce” has been one of those dance music buzzwords tossed around over the past year. After what was dubbed the “Australian wave” in 2012, with performers like Feenixpawl, Tommy Trash, and Nervo getting global recognition, the subgenre also known as “Melbourne House” seems redundant at a glance – after [...]

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Trance Singer JES Talks “High Glow” Re-Release, New Music: Our Interview

If you've listened to trance music over the past decade, there’s no need to introduce JES. You’ve likely heard her distinctive vocals on high-charting tracks from Tiesto, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Kaskade, and Above & Beyond, among other prominent genre producers. Now re-releasing hit single “High Glow,” a Tiesto collaboration from [...]

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Techno Producer Ante Ujevic Talks About Recent Release ‘The Windsor Spirit EP’ with Crossfadr

Techno producer Ante Ujevic has had a prolific year, with several original releases and remixes put out since 2013. Tracks and EPs have come out through La Papillion, Selectry Rec, Klangspektrum, Consumed, Pure Beat, Deeperfect, Black Swan, and Teknologik, with his latest out through Refused. The Windsor Spirit came out [...]

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Crossfadr Interviews Belgian Techno Duo Cactus Twisters

Blending house and techno elements, Belgian duo Cactus Twisters garnered a bit of attention recently with the Temporada EP. The title track seamlessly transcends subgenre boundaries, adding a bit of a deep house groove to a minimalist techno foundation. Over the course of their career, members Jey and Ka have [...]

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Brass Knuckles Perfectly Blend EDM’s Instrumental, Production, and DJing Sides at Slake NYC Show

The producing, instrumental, and DJing aspects of electronic dance music often seem so separate, so disparate that they might as well be different genres. Certain artists have tried to blend at least two of the three, like Avicii including musicians on last year’s True or acts like Second Sun adding [...]

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The Dancetronauts Touch on Their Epic DJing Stage, Recent EDC Shows

Mainstream electronic dance music goes hand in hand with spectacle at the world’s largest festivals, but these days, simply having a screen behind you with basic graphics no longer cuts it. Performance group Dancetronauts have been taking such an experience to new heights – literally – first at Burning Man [...]

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