LIVKONTROL iPad App Review

LIVKONTROL, by Imaginando, is an app designed to control Ableton Live remotely via an iPhone or iPad. The beauty of LIVKONTROL is in its simplicity, and I love the fact that it focuses on doing a handful of things perfectly instead of trying to do everything mediocrely. LIVKONTROL connects with [...]

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d(- -)b iPad DJ App Review

Do you remember when Prince changed his name to a symbol and everyone referred to him as the “artist formerly known as Prince”? Well, that situation reminds me of the recent iPad DJ app from the German company “Zerodebug”. The app doesn’t really have a name, just a symbol: d(- [...]

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iMashup iPad App Review

I’ve been using Mixed In Key for years and absolutely love it. If you’re not familiar with this software, it basically “dumbs down” harmonic mixing so that anyone can do it. After using Mixed In Key to scan your music library, the key of each track is identified, then assigned [...]

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Spreaker DJ iPad App Review

Spreaker DJ is a free app for the iPad that allows you to quickly and easily create and broadcast a podcast. If you’re like me, seeing “DJ” in the title makes you think that Spreaker DJ will be some sort of music mixing app. Well………it sort of is, and it [...]

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Algoriddim djay iPad Review

If you are at all familiar with DJ apps, you’ve probably heard of djay from Algoriddim. Touted as the #1 DJ app on iTunes, djay was the winner of the 2011 Apple Design Award. Prior to this review, my only previous experience with djay was a quick 5 minute session [...]

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CrossDJ for iPad Review

A couple of years ago, I had the chance to test out Mixvibes Cross, a full featured DVS system from the French company Mixvibes. Although I was skeptical at first, I ended up being very impressed by the quality and stability of the product. More recently, Mixvibes announced its first [...]

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DJ Player App Review

In a world full of DJ apps for $9.99 or less, a $47.99 app definitely stands out. DJ Player by iMect Ltd is one such app. DJ Player advertises itself as a “PREMIUM DJing solution for iOS devices.” Well, it already has the premium price tag, but is this merely [...]

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App Review: DJ Studio by Rocudo

Let's face it, DJing has always been cool, and continues to rise in popularity as technological advances are made. As a result of this, it seems like the term "DJ" is often used to stir up interest in a product or app that actually has very little to do with [...]

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Algoriddim Vjay iPad App Review

This week, I had the privilege of testing out a great little VJ app appropriately named "vjay". Vjay was developed by the German company, Algoriddim, who is also responsible for the widely popular "djay" iPad app. Basically, vjay is a lot like DJay, but with video support (duh). It's a [...]

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Future DJ iPad App Review

The EU-based company, Xylio, claims that their latest DJ app is "not a toy" and "allows you to mix like a pro DJ in no time". This app, called Future DJ, is available for all iOS devices and carries a price tag of $3.99 on the Apple App Store. Mixing [...]

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