PreSonus ioStation 24c Audio Interface & Production Controller Review

Over the years, PreSonus has released different variations of its FaderPort Production Controllers. You have the FaderPort 8 (that’s the one I have), the FaderPort 16, and the baby brother FaderPort, which is a one fader production controller. The FaderPort Production Controller is just that, a production midi controller for [...]

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PreSonus Does a Successful Overhaul with Studio One 3 – Review

After its debut, Studio One started to stand out for its strong effects, straightforward interface and usage, and easy audio and MIDI editing. Of course, as anyone will find with a DAW, Studio One had its weaknesses – mainly, a dearth of virtual instruments – and it seems that PreSonus [...]

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Fostex PX-6 Monitors Offer Clear Sound Quality and Simple Functionality

The Fostex PX-6 appeared around this time last year as an upgrade to the PX-5. Monitors have turned into one of the studio’s most essential pieces of gear, and the PX-6 meets this need, especially in the under-$1,000 price range, with a sturdy design, simple functionality, clear and exact reproduction, [...]

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Native Instruments’ Maschine Studio: A Bunch of Features Right at Your Fingertips

Out for nearly five years now, Native Instruments’ Maschine has set a new industry standard as a hardware-software beat-production workstation. Its functionality bypasses Akia’s MPC, while serving as a high-quality studio hub (but not a full DAW) with built-in sequencing, sampling, and loop slicing. Now considered Native Instruments’ top-tier groove [...]

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Komplete Kontrol S-Series: Quality Feel, Excellent NI Software Integration

Announced in September 2014, the Komplete Kontrol S-Series, a line of three MIDI controllers, essentially supersedes Native Instruments’ flawed Kore line with an entirely new set of features and functionality. Three sizes – S25 for a 25-key keyboard, S49 for 49 keys, and S61 for 61 keys, all with a [...]

Komplete 10 Ultimate: More Sounds and Effects from One Software Package

Native Instruments excels in two regards: One, how easy its devices are to use, and two, the extensive palette its software programs offer. For the latter point, the variety and quality don’t just benefit the producer making a dance track but further prove to be an asset to those in [...]

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Fostex PM0.3 and PM-SUBMini: Best Speaker and Subwoofer Pair for Your Money and Space

Not everyone has an expansive amount of studio space for recording and listening to their productions afterward. As well, not everyone has a huge budget to spend on gear or an endless amount of help to take supplies to a gig. But even when these factors appear to limit what [...]

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