Pioneer Rekordbox DJ Software

If you’re an experienced DJ, Pioneer's Rekordbox design will surely ring a bell. Its interface is incredibly similar to what you’d see while using Native Instruments’ Traktor, Virtual DJ or Serato. The approach that the developers had taken appears to be the safest and the surest one possible in their [...]

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SoundCloud, Will It Survive?

The faults of the modern music business are coming full circle. In short: no one, outside of a few top-level artists, business men, and promoters, are making any money, and it’s coming back around to bite the industry and the fans in the ass. Nowhere is this more visible right [...]

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The Vinyl Resurrection

You’ve probably heard talk of the rise of vinyl. Everyone is doing it. Hell, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a part of it yourself. Vinyl is dominating sales in the music industry, and many artists are having a hard time stocking enough records at their merch table. At first, [...]

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Who in the fuck are Andreas Romdhane and Josef Svedlund – aka Quiz & Larossi

Early in July, Music Business Worldwide published an article in which Spotify denied having any activity behind alleged “fake artists” on its platform. The article followed their report from August 31, 2016, which listed 50 of these supposed artists, bringing the story back into the spotlight. Spotify maintains that they [...]

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Where Denver’s underground dance scene stands (and who’s running it) in 2017

The Denver music scene, the dance scene in particular, is like Shrek. It has layers. There’s big guys, little guys, and everyone in between. That’s not so different from many other cities, in and of itself. But we have a special situation here. To keep going with the corny movie [...]

Seriously WTF is EDM and is it a Genre?

I’m going to burst your bubble here: EDM is not a valid genre of music. It’s not. It’s art, it’s culture, it’s a movement. But it sure as hell is not a genre of music, and I’m not even sure I’d go so far as to call it ‘music.’ Now, [...]

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SoundCloud: Definitely Has Become Cloudy

Soundcloud, sooo 2008 You and a few friends stumble into an apartment after a night out. There’s no DJ equipment in sight, but it’s all good because the host promptly directs everyone to the beefy little sound system, complete with tweeters and woofer. All at once, the group pounces on [...]

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