PreSonus Studio 1824c Review

You can’t deny the fact that PreSonus has a multitude of audio interfaces for just about every application. From the top of the line Quantum Thunderbolt series, the USB-C line, and the affordable AudioBox interfaces. We wanted something affordable, rack-mountable, and with the right amount of I/O’s. Our choice, the [...]

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Top 5 Desktop or Tabletop Audio Interfaces Under $300

Most companies in the recording studio space offer audio interfaces below $200 and are considered “desktop” devices. So you’re probably asking yourself, audio interfaces under $300...why not the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or the PreSonus Studio 24c, which are both under $200 and considered desktop audio interfaces. Well, those interfaces have [...]

Here’s How The Pandemic Has Affected The EDM Industry, Yet DJs Are Still Profiting

Perhaps many didn’t estimate 2020 to turn out this way. 2019 had given an insight into how the Electronic Dance Music industry could be in the next one year. An increase in festivals, more streaming income, and also a surge in revenue for the DJs. Everyone was gassed up. DJs [...]

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NUGEN SEQ-S & SEQ-ST High Resolution EQ Plugin Review

In this article, we will discuss NUGEN’s SEQ-S high-resolution EQ plugin. SEQ-S features; Linear phase EQ Spline EQ, directly draw your EQ curve 2 formats - Surround (up to 7.1), and Stereo (stereo and mid/side processing) Match EQ Function Morph EQ Function 3 Channels of EQ It’s a versatile, musical, [...]

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How to setup the Rodecaster Pro Multitrack Recording with PreSonus Studio One

Crossfadr is getting into the podcasting space…makes sense right. We have a full recording studio with audio interfaces, microphones, keyboards, etc., but decided to go another route when recording our podcast (show title coming soon). We ended up purchasing the Rode Rodecaster Pro and four Rode Podmics. This setup is [...]

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Crossfadr is now on YouTube

Crossfadr is excited to announce our new YouTube Channel. We will post really cool DJ sets with Motion Graphics, product reviews, tutorials, and the occasional VLOG. We're also excited about our new playlist titled Construct. The first episode is below. So head over to YouTube, check us out, subscribe and [...]

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9 Tips for Mastering Your Own Mixes

One of the first rules of music production has been to never to master your own mixes. But some rules are meant to be broken: Learn how to polish off your finished mixes without losing your perspective. The common wisdom of the pro audio world has always been that you [...]

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Who in the fuck are Andreas Romdhane and Josef Svedlund – aka Quiz & Larossi

Early in July, Music Business Worldwide published an article in which Spotify denied having any activity behind alleged “fake artists” on its platform. The article followed their report from August 31, 2016, which listed 50 of these supposed artists, bringing the story back into the spotlight. Spotify maintains that they [...]

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Where Denver’s underground dance scene stands (and who’s running it) in 2017

The Denver music scene, the dance scene in particular, is like Shrek. It has layers. There’s big guys, little guys, and everyone in between. That’s not so different from many other cities, in and of itself. But we have a special situation here. To keep going with the corny movie [...]

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