Album Review – Dusk Till Dawn EP by Muskidd

The 43rd release from Just Move Records is a modest little EP containing three smooth house tracks produced by Muskidd. Overall, it has a nice cumulative effect, just under twenty minutes of crisp production and a tasteful sense of restraint. It carries just enough melody to satisfy the listener, but [...]

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EP Review – Julius St. James – The Textural Movement EP

Julius St. James is hitting the scene with bang. The Washington, D.C.-based producer dropped his first four song EP entitled The Textural Movement on CDBaby earlier this year, and through a heavy dose of originality and move-able, catchy beats, the release looks to make a big mark on the current [...]

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Plastikman Makes a Tepid Return With ‘EX’

As a DJ, Richie Hawtin has the power to keep the crowd interested with a subtle change – switching an accent from an on-the-beat rhythm to one that’s off, transitioning from a duple to triplet rhythm, or just intensifying the sound slightly, for example. Hawtin’s on-again-off-again Plastikman project captures these [...]

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Atlantic Connection’s ‘The Limit’: Post-Dubstep, American Style

With American audiences, post-dubstep remains a relatively new concept, one requiring the listener to shift the pace and sonic density from Skrillex and Rusko to minimal percussion and sparse synths formulating an unstable rhythm. Not only does Atlantic Connection do this with The Limit, an EP that follows last year’s [...]

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Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’ and the Music Video

In the scope of electronic dance music, videos have long seemed secondary. In spite of bigger budgets, themes primarily feature dancing, or in certain instances, the budgets are so low and the execution so shoddy that EDM videos are the medium’s B-movies. More recently, Vyclone unveiled an app that could [...]

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