Over the years, I have continued expanding my recording studio, Multiple studio monitors and audio interfaces, more analog hardware, and a ton of plugins, sounds, and samples. However, at some point, I needed a way to control all my studio monitors and passive analog amplifier, and Cerwin-Vega VS-150 floor speakers as well. So I needed a monitor control system and obviously, the first product I researched was the Mackie Big Knob. But I’m a PreSonus guy and I wanted to keep everything in the family, and PreSonus did not disappoint with the second generation Monitor Station V2.

The PreSonus Monitor Station V2 is just that, a studio monitor control system, the perfect desktop speaker-management solution for my needs. I can control both sets of studio monitors, my PreSonus Eris E8 (connected to a PreSonus 1824c Audio Interface) and KRK Classic 5 (connected to an old Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Audio Interface). I also have a Carver Amplifier with a pair of Cerwin Vega VT-150 speakers connected as well. Now let’s go over some specs.

The PreSonus Monitor Station V2 has an Eight-segment, three-color LED meters that indicate left and right signal levels, which can be set in any of three modes for use with +4 dB, +10 dB, or +18 dB signal levels. A Mono switch to check phasing issues, a large master knob that controls the main speaker output level, and a Dim switch with an attenuation knob. Cue Source selection, four headphones connection with source and level control, and of course, the main source selector.

You can also select all speakers, All On Mode (speaker A, B, and C can be engaged simultaneously), or Toggle mode (speaker A, B, and C can only be selected one at a time), or Subwoofer mode (A and B are selectable, and C can be selected with A or B).

The build quality is pretty solid as well. All the knobs and I/O feel nice and tight, although the master control knob does feel a little loose.

If you’re looking for a multiple studio monitor control system, look no further. For $329.99USD, the PreSonus Monitor Station V2 is the perfect solution to control all of your studio monitors with ease and flexibility.